Asahi Intecc

Asahi Intecc is gaining attention from medical professionals around the world through its medical devices for catheter treatment and primarily the guide wires which are fruits of its original technology.

Asahi Intecc has contributing to the proliferation of minimally – invasive treatment in recent years through the development, production and sale of these products which are indispensable for catheter treatment. Asahi intecc`s guidewires, its main product has now extended to 106 countries and regions.

Asahi Intecc`s leading products are currently for the cardio vascular but the treatment areas are expanding to encompass other areas such as peripheral vascular, abdominal and cerebrovascular areas.

We will continue to actively develop overseas through the success cases of new technologies and products in Japan. We swept the world with guide wires development in Japan. With the new market for CTO (Chronical Total Occlusion)treatment created through the proliferation of our products, we are aiming to further expand and leap forward.