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Reduction in stent prices may unfavourably skew the market for the patient and will adversely affect the business environment, sectoral body MTaI has said.

“The control of stent prices in the manner it has been done, with a shocking reduction of prices may unfavorably skew the market for the patient and will affect adversely the business environment,” Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI) said in a statement.

If companies do not have the resources to invest in research and innovation, it is ultimately the public and the long-term health of the nation that will suffer, it added.

“This is not to make a case for no regulation at all, but to argue for a more comprehensive pricing and regulatory framework that looks beyond price caps to ensure quality healthcare coverage for all citizens,” MTaI said.

It also urged the government to keep healthcare sector out of the purview of the GST or else medical care would become unaffordable for the common person.

The association also raised the issue of medical products designed for single-use being reused on the unaware innocent patients, thus endangering human lives.

“With the lack of guidelines and action against non-adherence, such a public health menace is endangering lives of common citizenry of this nation,” MTaI Director General Pavan Choudary said.

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